The World’s Top Manufacturers’ Strongest Ally in the Midwest Market

Representing top manufacturers like Yamaha, McIntosh, Altona, and more for as long as we have, it’s no wonder the world’s consumer electronics brands turn first to Electronic Marketing Associates Inc. (EMA) when they’re ready to dip their toes or dive right in the Midwest market. We have the extensive brand knowledge, the market expertise and the territorial reach you expect in an ally.

The manufacturers EMA represent lean on our team members as their strongest allies in a constantly evolving consumer electronics market. Knowing what’s now and what’s around the corner, we advise on how to gain a foothold and thus an edge in the Midwest market. Through our time-honored and trusted bonds, we’ve established the contacts you need in the Midwest so you can create buzz, build loyalty and increase sales.

Your Customers Count on You to Have a Connection Like EMA

Specialty audio video retailers and custom installers count on their rep to keep them up to date on available and upcoming technology. This knowledge is essential to growing their businesses and revenue, and the dealers know it.

Dealers rely on EMA’s advice for a reason. We’re boots on the ground – the go-to, one-stop shop for answers to every question and training on every brand’s lineup. With our guidance and advice, dealers are equipped with the brands, education, support and product availability they need to serve their customers.

Solid Ground in the Midwest Market

  • Missouri
  • Iowa
  • Illinois
  • Nebraska
  • Kansas

EMA’s leaders live and breathe consumer electronics and their professionalism is evident in their world-class product representation and award-winning service and support. John Blando and consumer electronics are synonymous in the Midwest market. John founded EMA in 1972 and is one of a rare few who can say he’s represented Yamaha for more than 45 years.

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