Whatever Your Market, EMA is Your One Source

Can you really be a trusted representative without having worked with a brand and its products on all sides of the market? We don’t think so. Our representatives have worked for manufacturers, and worked as dealers, distributors, consumer consultants, designers, and business advisors. That’s why we know what’s important to manufacturers and dealers.

Having a front row seat to the consumer electronics market for a combined four decades and six generations, EMA brings everything our reps have learned and seen to your brand or business to help it grow.




Custom Home


Professionally installed, high-end home theater projectors deliver the ultimate home cinema experience.

Hegel Music Systems
Today, Hegel is one of the best, established brands in Hi-Fi market, producing integrated, pre and power amplifiers, as well as CD players and some of the most sophisticated C/A converters. Hegel’s SoundEngine technology was just the start of their great lineup.

McIntosh Group
The common denominator of all the big companies that make up McIntosh Group is the goal of making recordings generate all the excitement of live music. McIntosh is one of the largest groups in the Hi-End sector globally, which includes renowned names like Sonus Faber, McIntosh Laboratory, Audio Research, and Pro-Ject.

Since 1887, when Yamaha began producing reed organs, the Yamaha Corporation in Japan has grown to become the world's largest manufacturer of a full line of musical instruments, and a leading producer of audio/visual products.

Target Audio Products
The tradition and performance of the creator of high mass/high rigidity speaker stands, audio component stands, and accessories.

Sonus Faber
An Italian manufacturer of handcrafted speakers, headphones, and other high-end audio equipment based in Arcugnano, Veneto, Italy.


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